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What Necklace to Wear with What Neckline

Here is your one-stop guide to accessorizing your necklines. With so many styles to choose from, pairing your necklaces shouldn't stress you out but be a part of the fun! With the following guide, you can take out the guesswork and achieve the perfect look for that job interview, date, or special event.

Rules of Thumb

We know the rules of thumb like your purse must match your shoes and your shoes must match your belt, but what about other important accessories like necklaces? What are the tricks to knowing what necklace to wear with what neckline?

Well, the rules of thumb for necklaces come down to necklines. Certain styles of necklaces pair better with different shaped necklines. So, you can narrow down your jewelry selection based on your outfit's neckline, from boat necks and halter tops to turtlenecks and crew necklines.

What Necklace to Wear with What Neckline

The following list guides you through what necklace to wear with what neckline. Remember, these are rules of thumb that are meant to guide you but aren't set in stone. Sometimes you just have to go with what feels right to you. But it's always helpful to learn the rules before you break them.

Round Neckline

The round neckline, also known as a crew neck, is circular in shape. This simple and classic shape is beneficial for women with a long neck, narrow face, small bust, or sloped shoulders.

When deciding what necklace to wear with a round neckline, it's best to select a necklace that closely follows its round shape. Choose a medium-length, bib, or collar necklace, as it can more easily mimic the neckline's shape.


Turtlenecks are high necklines that cover much of the neck, hitting just below the chin. These necklines are sophisticated in style and can help offset a long face or long neck.

When wearing this style, you want to make sure that it stops short of hitting the very top of your neck so that you do not appear to have a "floating head."

Deciding what necklace to wear with turtlenecks can be tricky. Lengthwise, you will likely want to pair it with a long necklace. You can go for a dainty style, heavy pendant, or multi-strand long necklace. If the turtleneck is plain, you may want to go for a bolder necklace with a "pop" of drama. If going bold does not match your mood or style, you can also add a subtle, thin collar necklace for a hint of sparkle.

Square Neckline

While the square neckline is considered a bit retro, it can be a great choice for busty women that want to detract attention from their chest. It gives a nice contrast to a curvy bustline while elongating a short neck or narrow shoulders.

When choosing what necklace to wear with square necklines, look for something angular. There are many angular options ranging from stacked pendant necklaces to one large angular pendant that follow the neckline. Find a style to match your personal tastes.

Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is a great choice for almost any body type. The distinctive heart-shaped style follows the natural curves of a woman's bustline, enhancing or giving the illusion of curves. It can also lengthen the neck and provide a nice balance for your overall silhouette.

You have a few options when it comes to what necklace to wear with sweetheart necklines.

The key is to pair the sweetheart neckline with something that fills the open chest area nicely. Carved beads or pendants are a great choice because they give your outfit a more subtle style without being too edgy. For a bolder move, go with a collar-style necklace that features a large pendant that follows the curve of the sweetheart neckline.

Scoop Neckline

Scoop necklines feature a deep, wide neckline and can be flattering for almost every body type by lengthening the neck and highlighting the collarbones.

When pairing a necklace with a scoop neckline, choose shorter pendants with volume, such as a collar necklace. Or, choose a necklace with a single, unique pendant that showcases your personality. Even subtle pendants can make your outfit shine by showing off who you are!

Plunging Neckline

There is no other style that showcases the décolletage quite like a plunging or deep-V neckline. This look is best for women with a small to medium bustline. It elongates the frame and provides a bold, dramatic look without allowing the chest to spill out in an uncomfortable way.

There are several style options for what necklace to wear with plunging necklines. Try a long necklace with a statement pendant, such as a sliced stone pendant. Or one that combines different styles, like a metal pendant with weaving detail. Another great look is to wear a plunging neckline top with a multi-layered choker along with a long necklace in the same tone.

Halter Neckline

If you have wide shoulders, a halter neckline might be a great choice for you. Halter necklines draw the eye up, cutting the bulk of broad shoulders. This creates a nicely balanced look, flattering for women with an hourglass figure and toned arms and shoulders. If you have an apple-shaped body, you will want to be cautious of this particular neckline since it can add volume in areas you don't want to add to.

Since this neckline creates a narrow V-neck, the best option for what necklace to wear with halter necklines is a slim, narrow pendant. The neckline makes a statement, so pairing with a more subtle pendant is the way to go. You can choose a metal pendant or go for a more subtle sparkle with a slim pendant made from gemstones.

Straight Neckline

A straight neckline is a simple, strapless cut from one shoulder to the other that flows across the chest. Sometimes cut lower to show off more shoulder, this look can also be cut lower for a more modern and edgy look.

When choosing the right necklace to wear with a straight neckline, you will want to look for chokers or short pendants. You can look for unique pendants that express your personality, or a smaller statement necklace that hugs your neckline. This allows ample bare space to show off your neckline, while still showcasing your personal style.

One Shoulder Neckline

Also known as an asymmetrical neckline, a one shoulder neckline is very dramatic and unexpected. It's an ideal look for those that have narrow shoulders and thin arms since they can produce a widening effect around those areas. If you have broad shoulders, you may want to skip looks that feature this particular neckline.

Asymmetric necklines go very well with asymmetric necklaces. Look for necklaces with multiple beaded strands. Or, pair it with a long necklace that features a string of different-sized and shaped beads. Either necklace pairs well with this type of neckline!

V-Neck/Deep-V Neckline

A V-neck top is open on the chest with a V-shaped design. It's a universal design, as anyone can look great in this style. A deep V-neck is simply a more dramatic, plunging version of a V-neck.

If you have a smaller bust, you will want to go with a higher V-neck, while those with larger chests should choose a deeper V since it creates a nice, elongating effect. This style can also draw the eye up, helping to balance out the silhouettes of those with broad shoulders and thick torsos. It can also help elongate the neck.

When choosing what necklace to wear with deep v necklines, be sure to go with a medium-length design. If you choose a necklace that is too long, it can easily get lost in the v-neck style and appear that you are only wearing a chain. A necklace that is too short can create a "choppy" effect on your chest and become unflattering.

A medium-length necklace with a simple statement piece, like a small pendant, can provide style without being too overbearing for the look. Or a multi-strand necklace with dainty strands can pair nicely with a v-neck. This can help bring together the outfit, all while creating a gorgeous silhouette.

Boat Neckline

The boat neck is a graceful, wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, from shoulder to shoulder, hitting just past the collarbone. Traditionally, this neckline has been used in nautically inspired sweaters and knitwear but is elegant enough to be featured in blouses, cocktail dresses, and evening wear fashion.

When pairing a necklace with a boat neck top, you will want to choose one extreme: very short or long. You will either want to wear a very short necklace, such as a choker. Or, choose a long necklace with a single or multiple strands. Medium necklaces tend to create an unflattering look by interfering with the neckline itself. Simple necklaces will help draw attention to the exposed neckline and can help create a bold look.

Cowl Neckline

A cowl neck can flatter many body types. It naturally drapes in rounded folds near the neckline, creating a unique silhouette. While the inspiration for cowl necklines is unclear (some think they were inspired by the fashions of Ancient Greece, while others argue they were adapted from 12th-century monks' clothing), they did not become popularized until the 1930s.

While a cowl is a very flattering neckline style, it needs to be accessorized by the right type of necklace so that it does not lose its soft style. If the cowl is rounded, select a necklace close to your collarbone to avoid interrupting the drape of the neckline. You can choose a short gold or silver chain with a single, small pendant or a simple yet classic string of pearls to accent the drape.

If the cowl neckline is a v-neck style, you might want to choose a heavier pendant on a longer chain but still keep it above the folds on the cowl.

Bardot Neckline

A Bardot is an off-the-shoulder neckline that highlights your collar bone and is a popular style for the spring and summer seasons. It highlights your shoulders and can help draw the eye away from your torso, which means it's a great fit for those with a fuller middle. This look is romantic and flirty, and can be flattering for those with different body types, including pear, athletic, hourglass, and petite.

Deciding what necklace to wear with Bardot necklines is perhaps the easiest out of all the necklines.

A Bardot neckline pairs well with virtually any length necklace. While shorter statement pieces can help bring the outfit to life, long neutral necklaces with a fun pendant pair nicely, too. This neckline is so versatile that you can pair it with different necklaces on different days to create whole new looks!

Surplice Neckline

This particular neckline, popularized by the wrap dress, often gets mistaken for a V-neck. When the fabric from the shoulder of one side of the dress or top crosses the fabric from the other side of the garment gets permanently sewed in the waistline seam, it forms a surplice neckline. This style helps create a flattering waistline.

Since this neckline is similar to the v-neck, you will want to pair it with similar jewelry. A medium-length necklace with a simple pendant or a dainty, medium-length multi-strand necklace are your best bets for this style neckline.

Collar Neckline

A collar neckline is just like it sounds: a neckline that has a collar. This style is chic yet feminine and can flatter fuller-frame bodies or women with thinner necks. The collar neckline can also be flattering since the open décolletage allows your bustline to "breathe" but does not expose it too much.

A great necklace to pair with this neckline is a short statement piece. While it may seem counterintuitive to add additional elements to a neckline that already has a lot going on, this style actually pairs very well. It adds a unique element to the already bold outfit, taking it to a new style level.

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