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The Ultimate Guide to Birthstones | 24 Style

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The Ultimate Guide to Birthstones

Birthstones and zodiac signs are back in vogue. Anytime you scroll through social media, everyone is talking about their zodiac signs. With celestial jewelry making a comeback, we’re predicting that birthstones will be the next ‘it’ trend for jewelry lovers. Every month has a birthstone that works just like your zodiac signs. If you want an intimate piece of jewelry that tells a little bit of your life story, a birthstone piece is a perfect choice. Understanding your birthstone can be difficult – after all, there are 12 different possibilities!

Our ultimate guide for birthstones takes you through all the zodiac birthstones and their meanings. Whether you want to find out what your birthstone is or understand its significance, this guide is for you. At 24 Style, birthstones are one of our favorite types of jewelry and a piece we think everyone needs in their jewelry box.

Birthstones for Every Month

You might be wondering, “what is my birthstone?”. Our birthstones by month list is your ultimate resource to all things birthstones. Did you know that some months have two (or even three!) birthstones? Make sure to bookmark this page so you always know what birthstone you’re shopping for.

1. January

January’s birthstone is garnet. This birthstone gets its name from ‘granatum’, the Latin for seed. Garnet has a pomegranate red color. You’ll find this birthstone everywhere from Greece to Tanzania and India. While red is the signature color for garnet, it can also be found in orange and green hues.

The garnet birthstone represents happiness, purpose, and goodwill. Wearing a garnet is meant to bring you health, peace, and prosperity. The Egyptians thought of the garnet stone as a symbol of life, while Roman nobility wore it as signet rings.

2. February

The birthstone for February is amethyst. The origin of its name appears to come from the word ‘amethustos’ in Greek, meaning sober. This odd name association comes from the ancient Greek belief that wearing amethyst would stop you from becoming drunk. You’ll find amethyst birthstones in Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Zambia.

What most people find attractive about the February birthstone is its color, which can vary from a pastel pink hue to vibrant purple shades. The amethyst birthstone is believed to inspire creativity and harmony into your life, helping you to find your passion. It’s commonly used to aid with meditation, bringing you a sense of stability. Monarchs throughout history have worn amethyst stones as though they were diamonds, with the purple hues representing royalty.

3. March

March’s birthstone is an aquamarine. The word derives from two Latin words that mean water and sea, reflecting the different hues of blue that make up the aquamarine stone.

It is another birthstone that is commonly used for meditation, with many people believing that it can help to make you feel empowered. In ancient history, both the Greeks and Romans are believed to have thought of aquamarines as being treasures owned by mermaids. They were given to sailors and warriors to protect them at sea and in battle.

In the past, bloodstones have been associated with March birthstones. This unique birthstone is green with distinctive red lines, giving the stone its name. Bloodstones have long been thought of as bringing mental clarity, with ancient Egyptians using them for divination.

4. April

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and the birthstone for those born in April. The word diamond comes from two Greek words meaning ‘unbreakable’ and ‘transparent’. As we all know, diamonds come in different cuts, colors, and clarity. While most diamonds have a transparent (often thought of as ‘white’) appearance, you can often find colored diamonds.

The April birthstone brings with it a sense of strength and clarity, revitalizing your energy. Diamonds were worn by ancient Greek soldiers to make them stronger, while it was first associated with purity by the Romans. This birthstone was first used for engagement rings during the Renaissance era.

5. May

The May birthstone is an Emerald, with colors ranging between different shades of green with yellow and blue undertones. The purer the green hues are, the more expensive the emerald is.

Emeralds have been associated with mystical powers, turning negativity into positivity and bringing a sense of harmony to your life. This birthstone is amongst one of the oldest, having first being mined around 300 BC. Cleopatra, one of the most famous women in history is believed to have collected emeralds.

6. June

If your birthday falls in June, your birthstone is a pearl. This birthstone is found in countries such as Australia, China, and Indonesia. What makes the pearl unique is that it is the only one made by creatures. Pearls vary in colors, meaning you’re almost guaranteed to find one that works for you – whether you prefer white, black, or a rare shade of pink.

The spiritual background of pearls is that they’re believed to bring the wearer emotional healing. Throughout history, they’ve been associated with purity, loyalty, and faithfulness. Pearls are synonymous with Tudor England when they became a popular choice of jewelry for nobility. In Ancient Greece, the Greeks believed that pearls were the tears of the gods coming to earth.

You might be wondering how many birthstones does June have?

It has two - meaning you can choose whichever one speaks to you.

The moonstone is another June birthstone with a similar appearance to the moon as it shimmers at night.

oonstones are gathered everywhere from Australia to Madagascar and Sri Lanka. The moonstone birthstone is synonymous with the mystery around the lunar moon. It’s often used in jewelry to present the passion held by lovers.

Throughout history, this birthstone has been known as a ‘Traveler’s Stone’, being carried for protection.

7. July

The July birthstone is a ruby, which takes its name from the Latin for red. You’ll often hear the purest shade of ruby birthstones being described as looking like “pigeon’s blood”. This unique birthstone has long been associated with prosperity and passion, connected with everything from romance to wealth.

Ruby is one of the most valuable of birthstones, with its value increasing with the purity of its color.

8. August

August is another month with multiple birthstones – depending on where you live, it may have up to three.

The peridot and spinel stones are the most commonly associated ones with August birthdays, with sardonyx also being connected to it.

As a birthstone, peridot is the only one that has one distinctive color. Its hues differ slightly, but it is typically either lime or olive green. In Ancient Egypt, the peridot was considered to be the sun’s gem. Wearing a peridot is believed to give you clarity and to bring good fortune. It can be worn during times of bad health or when making financial decisions.

August’s second birthstone, the spinel, commonly comes in shades of blue, black, pink, and red. It’s believed to bring the wearer prosperity and positive energy. You might have come across a spinel gemstone and mistaken it as a ruby.

One of the most famous spinel stones is the Black Prince Ruby found on the Imperial State Crown belonging to the British Royal Family. For generations, it was mistaken as a ruby before gemmologists identified it as a spinel. Although, the name has never changed.

The third – but least common – birthstone for August is the Sardonyx. The color of this birthstone differs depending on its iron oxide concentration. You can find Sardonyx stones in every hue from yellow to red, with an inclusion that looks similar to zebra stripes. This birthstone is associated with lowering anxiety and depression.

9. September

If your birthday falls in September, your birthstone is a sapphire. This birthstone’s name comes from the Latin word for a blue stone, ‘sapphirus’. It’s popularly found in countries like India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Although most of us associate the sapphire birthstone with the color blue, you can find it in virtually every color. The only exception is red – which is considered a ruby.

Sapphires are another birthstone that has been associated with nobility and royalty throughout history. Buddhists and ancient Greeks wore sapphires as a way of bringing knowledge and enlightenment. During the Middle Ages, a sapphire was thought of as a protective stone.

10. October

Our next month with more than one birthstone is October. If this is your birthday month, you can choose between opal and tourmaline.

Opal comes from the Greek word ‘opallios’, reflecting the color change that occurs with the stone. Most opals diffract light, meaning you can often experience a rainbow of colors with one opal stone. This birthstone is another one that is often associated with meditation, along with prayer. Wearing an opal stone is believed to help with healing and strengthening you emotionally.

In Arabic legend, the opal stones were brought to earth by lightning bolts. What makes opals so special is that they all have a one-of-a-kind combination, making them one of the most unique birthstones.

The tourmaline birthstone comes in a variety of colors, reflecting the origin of the stone’s name. Its name comes from ‘tura mali’, a Sinhalese phrase meaning mixed color stone. Most of the tourmaline stones that you’ll see have a green color palette.

This October birthstone is associated with bringing good luck and happiness, helping to give you a positive outlook on life. Tourmaline stones are an important part of Chinese ceremonies and rituals, with them being believed to offer protection against evil and negative forces.

11. November

November birthstones include topaz (the most commonly associated stone) and citrine. Topaz stones are usually colorless at their purest, although you will find hues of pastel shades, such as pink and yellow, in less pure stones. One of the most famous types of topaz stones is the ones with an orange hue.

Topaz represents trust and faith, often being used to help treat depression and boost your brain’s functioning. It’s often used as a calming stone to help soothe anxiety.

This birthstone has been considered to bring protection to its wearer in both the Hindus tradition and ancient Greece and Rome.

Its partner birthstone, the citrine takes its name from the French word for lemon. A citrine stone is a type of quartz, with its colors varying from shades of yellow to hues of red.

The citrine stone is believed to represent self-empowerment and was one of the most popular stones through the early 20th century. You’ll often find antique jewelry from the 1940s that is made using citrine.

12. December

December might be our final birth month, but it’s another one with two birthstones. The double Ts – turquoise, and tanzanite – are associated with December birthdays.

Turquoise is a popular stone that differs in color, with robin’s egg blue being one of the most popular. Its distinctive color has made it one of the most valuable stones throughout history. Native Americans incorporated it into their ritual ceremonies, while Persians added the stone to their weapons, wearing them into battle. It’s another stone that is deeply connected to ancient Egypt, with it being worn as a protective stone.

Tanzanite is a newer gemstone, meaning it doesn’t have the same historical significance as the other stones on this birthstone guide. Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania in 1967, with it remaining the only place that you can find this unique stone.

You can spot tanzanite by its violet-blue hues that are created by removing the stone’s impurities to give it a pure color. The stone broke into the mainstream in recent years after Tiffany & Co began to incorporate it into their fine jewelry. If you don’t want to pay the eye-watering price tag, 24 Style might just have an alternative for you.

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